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As a process-centric technology firm, Blue 2.0 is focused on helping our customers achieve their goals of becoming more efficient, developing solutions that address their biggest pain points and providing technical platforms for continued growth. We work with customers across numerous industries and with our process first approach and proven methodologies, we quickly navigate to the root of the challenge to create actionable plans for success. With a focus on Customer Experience, Process Improvement, Business rules, and Agile development, our skills enable customers to focus on what they do best.

Business Efficiency

Most likely you are not IN the business of IT. You sell goods or services that require IT to ensure your business runs smoothly. With a process focused approach you can achieve the efficiencies for success.
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Development Services

Do you have an idea for an application? Whether it is AI, DevOps or other technical solution, Blue 2.0 can help you define the requirements, design the solution and rapidly build an application to be ready for prime-time.
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Cloud Technology

From Customer Management to Business Process and Business Rules, your technical needs can be run virtually and in the cloud. If you are running software in house we can show you how to reduce costs and increase flexibility.
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Mentoring and Training

Certified training from Blue 2.0 helps customers sharpen their skills and capabilities to become process-centric experts. Looking at business in new ways to be more efficient and competitive.
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Our process-centric approach has helped companies in Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, Finance and more achieve their goals of building efficient technology solutions. How can we help you?