Innovation is at our core”

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Fields of Expertise

   Business Process Management

We take a different approach to solving customer business challenges

   Business Rules Management

Organize and exploit “tribal knowledge” for real-time decisions

   Extreme and Agile Development

Leverage, Open Source, XAAS, Cloud and Mobile to extract new value from your systems
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Why Work With Us

blue 2.0 labs – constantly innovating

  • Exploring new technologies to solve today’s challenges
  • Building and testing prototypes with customers
  • Early and rapid release schedules

Our Customer’s success – is our success

  • Constant communication from GO
  • Partnership and collaboration is key
  • Stuff happens, let’s be prepared!

Your best team outside your four walls

  • From Bootstrap to BPM, we deliver solutions that amaze our Customers
  • A deep rooted history inside and outside IBM, and across industries
  • Over 50 IBM, Salesforce, Java, etc… Certifications grounded with real world experience

Our Expertise

Rules Design
Process Architecture
Maniacs about Excellence



Partners & Technologies

These are the building blocks of successful implementations

Blue 2.0 is constantly exploring these and other technologies / partners to bring our customers the best of breed solutions that drive constant value streams.



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We are obsessed with technology and our customers' success

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